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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

About The Mennonite Mom:

As everyone knows, MOMS WEAR MANY HATS!


Not only are we responsible for the care of tiny humans, but we are also required to juggle a million other jobs in the process!        (how is that even possible?!)

                                    So this is the 'Blog of Many Hats'  where I cover a variety of subjects that Mom's deal with from day to day. 


A Christian with an Anabaptist perspective,

I will share a glimpse into my life as a Mennonite Mom

giving life/mom tips that I have learned along the way!


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The Many Hats of a Mother:

  • We wipe runny noses, kiss boo boos, try to keep our homes somewhat presentable, and eventually master the art of constructing a PP&J in under 30 seconds. 

  • We cook, we clean, we change diapers and try to keep our growing kids in clothes.

  • We wonder if our hearing will still be in tact in a few years (if you don't get that, you're likely not a mom).


  • Sometimes it feels like all we do is buy food, fold laundry, and glare at spider webs on the walls.

  • Some of us have jobs, and some of us run businesses. 

  • We wipe away tears, admire indistinguishable art, and play chutes and ladders until we dream about it at night.

  • We worry, we second guess ourselves, and we try to pretend we know how to raise a child. (admit it, we've all been there)

  • Our feet have callouses from stepping on so many toys (but the Legos still hurt!)

  • We pull our hair out over potty training and look at the world through finger printed windows.

  • We lose our temper and then for the next half year we can't forgive ourselves because of it.

  • We try to be everything for everyone all the time and then kick ourselves when we come up short.

  • We worry too much.​​

  • We try to be perfect (it never works)

  • We. Are. Always. Tired.

But even though sometimes it feels like we are stretched beyond our max, God promises that we will never be given more than what we can handle. And yes, we may wear many hats and always be tired, but what other job brings such joy and fulfillment?

I'll tell you... NONE!

The joys of being a mom far outweigh the work that goes into this job! And while some days we can forget the joy and only see the work, none of us would ever give up this incredible calling of being a Mother. It's amazing!

So on this blog we cover it all. The ups the downs and the in betweens.

We'll talk about practical things such as cleaning tips, recipes that are quick and easy, creative projects for the kids, or just tips for handling all the things that come with raising children.  

We'll cover the emotions that come with raising children and how we can check our hearts, sort through the feelings, and better align our lives with God's word and plan for us.

Every mom needs to keep some hobbies the best she can in the midst of motherhood. A place where she can unleash her creativity and re-energize for the hard tasks of  #momlife, so we will cover fun DIY projects as well. 

I hope you stick around and enter your email so you don't miss any posts! Cheers!











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