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Answering Your Questions Part 1

1. I know with your health issues, pregnancy probably isn’t easy but do you want or plan to have more children?

Yes, Lord willing we hope to have more children!

2. When are you planning on having the next kid are you planning on waiting longer? Would you want a little girl or another little boy?

We hope that we can continue to have more children in the near future. I would be happy with either. A little girl would be fun, in case my health doesn't permit me with future pregnancies. But a little boy would also be great for Xander to have a brother to explore with. I love little boys!

3. Hows your health now?

My health is better than it has been for over two years, and I praise God for that! I talk a lot about it on my other channel A Gut Feeling.

4. Are you able to eat out more now that UC is more under control?

Yes! I'm able to eat so many foods! (which has definitely showed up on the scale, but I praise God for health again!)

5. What is your favorite Bible verse and book of the Bible?

My favorite verse depends what I'm going through... but I have always liked the popular verse... Isaiah 40:31. One of my favorite books of the Bible would be 1 John.

But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

6. What devotional or Bible study do you use or have you used?

Right now I'm going through Find Rest and really enjoying it.

7. In the past and I see some other Mennonite Youtubers who dress modestly but not really the “cape dress”. Yours are more the cape style, is that a personal choice or a church choice. I know with the Amish the Bishop sets many of the rules and I wondered is it the same?

Mennonite churches vary greatly in dress. Each group has a set of guidelines they follow. Some of these guidelines are drawn up by leaders and others by the congregation. If you wish to be a part of that church you agree to support what that group has agreed upon. It's ultimately up to you where you wish to go and who you want to support.

Our church has a set of basic guidelines and one of them is a simple cape dress. The congregation decides on these practices. Every so many years, they take another look at the guidelines and decide if they are still relevant to the current time. If not, and the votes carry, then they are changed accordingly.

8. What is your take on acts 2:38 King James Version?

"Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost."

This is the core of the gospel message. We are to Repent, Believe in Jesus, and be Baptized.

  • Repent; Recognizing our sinfulness and confessing our sins to God, asking for forgiveness, then turning away from the sins.

  • Be Baptized in the name of Jesus; Baptism is an outward sign of an inner change. Being baptized in the name of Jesus simply means you are telling the world that you now stand with Christ.

  • Receiving the Holy Ghost; When we repent and accept Christ into our lives, the Holy Spirit dwells within us. It is through Him that we can find the power to live above sin and make correct decisions in our lives. Some believe you get the Holy Spirit with baptism, but I personally believe He dwells within us upon conversion.

9. Is Xander potty trained? If so, what method did you use? How long did it take and any tips?

He's almost there, but it's been taking awhile! When I first tried he was 2.5, and we weren't getting anywhere! I waited a month or so and tried again and he quickly caught on to peeing and does quite well with being consistent with that. Number two's, however, was another story! We are still working on it, and slowly getting there. One incredible motivator, if he poos in the potty, I let him have some screen time (which isn't often allowed). That has really helped!

10. Was wondering what does your church think of you doing youtube? Are there any guidelines of theirs you are to follow in order to do youtube?

My church has been incredible supportive and encouraging. They are a huge blessing to me! There are no guidelines, but being public like this gives me an extra level of accountability to both my church and others of similar faith.

11. I would like to know about your face and hair routine.

This is funny, as I have practically no routine! I'm terrible at taking care of my skin. I need to get better, as I really struggle with dry skin. However, there is a new product I'm going to be trying soon that I can hardly wait to get my hands on! If I like it, I will be sharing it with you all!

12. Is there any traditional home remedies you were brought up with? I have a strong

Mexican background and the area we live in Texas is predominantly Hispanic influenced. It is a custom to have an Aloe Vera plant in your house to use to heal cuts and burns and many more. I'm just curious if there's anything like that?

Very interesting question. My mom had so many different natural remedies that they just went in one ear and out the other. Whenever I need something, I just call her! One thing that comes to mind, is Burdock leaves. They are incredible for burns!

13. Do you speak PA Dutch?

I do! But my husband does not.

14. Could you maybe talk about what is a Pennsylvania Dutch. Migration history maybe? Do you study your family line? Which European country are your ancestors from?

Pennsylvania dutch is a dialect of German. Many of our ancestors go back to Germany and Switzerland. My maiden name is Reiff, and on a Anabaptist tour I took in 2010, our guide told me that many Reiffs come from The Netherlands. I should dig into it for real, and know exactly where my roots stem back to. But it's in that general region.

Our ancestors migrated to the U.S. seeking religious freedom.

15. Do you and Megan Fox and Lynette Yoder all go to the same type of church?

No, we all go to different types of churches. (:

16. What kind of dogs do you have and are you still planning on breeding/selling puppies?

We have Welsh Corgi's and yes, we are still planning on raising puppies!

17. Have you sold any of the puppy 🐕s ?

We had them all sold before they were ready to leave. So that was nice! Once they were old enough to leave, I didn't have to worry about getting them sold.

18. Did everything work out with the puppy sale drama? I hope you got your FB account back from that guy that stole it.

Yes! Check out the video to hear the full story!

Questions to be continued in part two.

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Elizabeth Vendley
Elizabeth Vendley
01 abr 2020

I would like to contact you by email. I am a member of S. 9th Street Mennonite in Reading PA (Mid-Atlantic). My blog is if you want to check me out and make sure I’m not a nut case. Or to confirm it... whatever.

Me gusta

the Mennonite Mom
the Mennonite Mom
02 feb 2020

@Lisa I pray for you and wish you the best! Maybe that is Gods answer to you and you can resolve the issue! Hugs!

Me gusta

the Mennonite Mom
the Mennonite Mom
02 feb 2020

@Alma lol, yes, there are many different types of mennonites. Many would not have youtube, as Im sure they assuming don't from their reaction. Which is some value! In so excited you are seeing progress! I'd love to hear more! It makes me so excited when people tell me their success stories!

Me gusta

Lisa Kuepfer
Lisa Kuepfer
02 feb 2020

I’m one of your YouTube subs and finally getting a chance to come here and join.

I enjoy the videos and the last video Q&A, at end where there was peaceful contact with someone who did wrong and you took it to the lord and everything worked out for both party’s, was the best video on YouTube that I’ve seen so far and I’m willing to try and use that advice now on my own situation and I hope even though things are bad between landlords and myself right now and has been struggles for almost 1.5 years now, maybe this can turn into good for all parties involved As well. Thank you so much for sharing that video as…

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Alma Deckard
Alma Deckard
01 feb 2020

I see some Mennonite women who dress modestly but are in a different mode of dress. Here in Oklahoma we have several 3/4 century or more old Mennonite colonies (as we call them here in Oklahoma) some are living side by side with some Amish family farms. Dress length a hand width below the knee with dark hose or socks, black starched hoods, with a jacket covering top. The jacket is the weight needed for whatever the weather is. There was a women at OUMED center I said to her, Oh! Your Mennonite. I watch a Mennonite YouTuber and love her program. She and her husband yes, and then a gaped mouth from my comment about you. As for co…

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