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Answering Your Questions Part 2

19. Where do you get most of the music you use?

I like to buy my music so I'm not hit with copyright infringement. These two sites are my favorites! Epidemic Sound and Music Bed.

20. Are you guys planning to any more trips?

We are, Lord Willing! Stay tuned, as we have an exciting one planned for Feb. 2020!

21. I have two boys around his age. My question is about whining/tantrums. Has Xander started that yet and if so, how do you handle it?

Ahh, the tantrums! The terrible tantrums! Yes, Xander went through that stage, but it seems to be getting behind us. It's hard, and often you wonder if you are doing the right thing. I hold a bit of an old school view of child training, but I won't be talking about techniques. That is for each parent to decide based on the child. However, I do believe our society has really fallen short in child training methods. Children don't know how to respect authority, they have become the boss in the home, where the parents will do anything to get them to behave. It doesn't take children long to pick up on that.

I've heard of teachers hating to go to school because of the total lack of control.

Children lack training, everything is about them, and authority is to be laughed at. These poor children our miserable. They don't realize it, but their heart desires to have parents that are in control, not the other way around.

A child is happiest when he has structure in his life, and part of that structure comes with knowing what he is allowed and not allowed to do. Parents need to be clear and consistent with those lines. We can't change the rules depending on our mood.

This is hard! I know all about it. But if a child knows that every time he crosses a certain line, he will receive some type of punishment, he will find rest in that.

We are not here to be our child's best friend and neither are we here here to yell at them and be lords over them. We are here to love them, guide them, shepherd them, and show them how to control themselves. Life is about self control, and if a child isn't taught that when they are young, what will happen to them when they become adults? We live in a cause and effect world. Touch the fire, you will get burnt. Jump off a roof, you will likely break a leg. It's life.

And yet society is trying to tell us that to be a good parent, you should never bring pain into a child's life. Children are supposed to figure out who they are and what they want on their own.

Really? Little children that believe that a big fat man with a white beard fits down their chimney each Christmas and flies in the sky with magic reindeer, are supposed to suddenly know how to make wise choices in life?

We are to teach our children and show them how to navigate life. Part of that teaching is allowing discomfort so they learn that life has consequences for actions. But we should never, ever discipline a child in any way out of anger. This is so hard at times and we as parents are responsible to overcome our emotions, calmly walk away until we can come back and take care of the situation when we are no longer upset. (I'm not perfect with this, but I do my best.)

Discipline had to be balanced with love. We love our kids by giving them hugs and reading them books. We play with them and take an interest in whatever interests them. We love them no matter who they are.

They should never, ever have to perform to earn our love.

We walk beside them through life and teach them. This should make up the majority of our parenthood, but the other part of parenthood is standing firm on those lines we have drawn up for our children. If a child learns that every single time he crosses that line, he will not enjoy the consequences, eventually he will stop. (I'm speaking of a normally functioning child. When we are talking about children with learning disabilities and so on, we have to direct them in different ways).

Child training is a sensitive subject, but I encourage you to look to God's word on the topic and not to society. We don't have to look very far to see how society's method is working out for them. Just create a safe haven for your children by showering them with love and standing firm on your lines.

22. I thinking about getting a nicer camera. What do you recommend?

I personally love Canon cameras! If you want a fun pocket camera that does a great all around job I recommend the Canon Rebel G7x Mark ii (I still prefer the older version ii vs the version iii). For a smaller mirror-less camera that has interchangeable lenses, check out the Canon m50 which is a wonderful camera where you kind of get the best of both worlds. Last of all, if you want a DSLR camera, the rebel series are a great introduction to the DSLR world. Canon Rebel T7i.

23. Where are the other Mennonite channels? I follow a couple, but there are a lot of... Well, fake ones out there. Can you maybe do some shout-outs??

There aren't many Mennonite channels out there, but here are a few. Lynette Yoder, Megan Fox Unlocked, Stacey Yoder, and if you are interested in Anabaptist Theology, check out Anabaptist Perspectives.

24. So I thought of another question about little man; he’s so active and inquisitive - when he gets tired does he just shut down and that’s it? Or is his little mind hard to mellow? Sounds like a weird question, but I can see him going from 0-60 and 60-0 lightning fast!

Great question, and it kind of varies! He does settle pretty quickly, but if he get's too tired he gets wired to a whole other extreme! From a little baby, I started training him to fall asleep on his own in the crib, so I never had to rock him to sleep. This has been a huge blessings, and to this day... we put him to bed and that is where he stays until he falls asleep.

25. How can you keep your faith strong when life brings you down? As many may know I asked for prayers for situations with landlord and situations are getting worse. I'm struggling lots thinking I maybe in bad situation. And wonder what's gonna happen next. Is there a way for me to keep faith when I fear the worst? And wonder if anyone up there is listening?

I'm so sorry you are having such hardships, but I believe our Faith matters most in the hard times. Sometimes it feels like no one hears, but we need to trust God's promises. He loves us and cares for us!

Matthew 6:26 Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?

I have never been in your situation, so I feel bad giving any advice. However, I have really struggled with health and wondering if God cares. We wrestle. We pray. We find God in our suffering. We find peace. Don't give up. Keep praying. Keep looking up! And never lose faith.

26. Head coverings, I noticed you have a couple of styles, also, when did you stop wearing the white cap?

I still wear both. The cap style is traditional, what I grew up with. I still wear it to church, but for my day to day life, I wear a veil which is much more practical. Our church wears both. It's merely traditional.

27. Do you have furniture pieces that have been passed down from family? What are the stories connected to these pieces?

Xander's changing table was mine as a child. My mom has a her parent's Grandfather's clock which is pretty special. But other than that, none that I can think of.

28. Are you planning to home school?

Likely not. Nolan and I both went to church schools and really enjoyed it. We also both taught in private schools and we love the school atmosphere. While homeschooling is a wonderful thing for many families, we personally prefer private schools if we can afford it. I believe a child learns many social skills simply by interacting with classmates day after day. However, I have nothing against homeschooling. I think it's wonderful, and I admire Moms that can somehow manage to squeeze that into their day! Hats off to you!

29. What kind of food do you like to eat?

I enjoy almost everything and wish I could eat whatever I want! I'm a big fan of trying new foods and tasting dishes from other cultures. My weaknesses would lean towards anything with bread. (bread, donuts, deep fried dishes, and so on). But I feel terrible on it, not to mention it's unhealthy, so I rarely eat it.

30. Do you meal plan? Do you like to cook?

Meal planning was one of my New Year's Resolutions and I love it so far! Cooking isn't my first love, but I do enjoy cooking for my family. Not really for other people, because I'm not a confident cook.

31. The video that brought me here in the first place was your sewing. I know it’s not a passion but would like to know more about Mennonite fashion.

see video for my explanation (:

32. Home remedies on pain or any you have? I’m trying new way deal with pain.

I'm so sorry you are dealing with pain. It depends what type of pain you are dealing with? It's not an easy answer, but often pain stems from inflammation, and one pill I take when I struggle with pain, is called Ease. It is mostly New Zealand Green Lipped Muscle which is super healthy and high in Omega 3's which helps with inflammation, it has tumeric which is also great for inflammation, and then it has an enzyme to help with stomach issues. I took it for stomach pain. You can also order plain New Zealand green-lipped mussel from amazon. New Zealand green-lipped mussel is used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and asthma. It is also used for cancer and to prevent sore muscles after exercise.

33. What type of work does your hubby do?

He builds agriculture fence

34. Are you from a big family? Do you have many siblings?

I come from a family of 5. 3 boys and 2 girls. Nolan comes from a family of 8 but recently they are going to be adopting three more children!

35. Does Xander have any children his age he interacts with regularly, church or play dates etc and do you have family close by?

Yes, there are children at church his age as well as cousins and other playmates. I have some play dates, but I don't do a lot of it. I should do more, but I grew up being mostly at home, and I think it's good for children to learn how to entertain themselves.

36. Is this your forever home or do you ever plan on building a house?

We don't know what the future holds, but we hope we can stay here for most of our life. We plan to do some remodeling to our old farmhouse once money allows.

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