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The Charming Island of Barbados

February 9, 2016

A belated wedding anniversary found us exploring the delightful island of Barbados! Taking time to get away from the grind of life, helps a couple reconnect, fall in love again, and gain a fresh perspective on life. (all my personal opinion, of course!)

Who doesn't like to receive something free now and again? I absolutely love my Capitol One Venture card and all the flyer miles it gave us! thus making a vacation getaway to the beautiful island of Barbados possible! It was a late 3rd anniversary celebration, and how we enjoyed our time! 

"Ah..." the wonderful feeling of leaving  snow behind and stepping into 80 degrees of sunshine!

A rented mini moke turned out to be a great adventure! We had tons of fun exploring the island although it did take some getting used to beings we had to drive on the left side and all! Not to mention dodging mini craters in the roads, swerving around bikers and pedestrians which would appear in the oddest of places, and also discovering that the horn is a sign of friendliness and not of anger!

The Bajans were extremely friendly and overly helpful! We met this gentleman who introduced himself  as Iceman. "You know why people call me Iceman?! Because I'm so cool!"

He hopped in with us and took us to some interesting spots on the island. We even got to go mudding through his friend's pasture to  a breath-taking overlook of the ocean. 

Iceman instructed us on how and when to use our horn, and taught us some of the popular Barbadian expressions. He definitely kept us entertained!

"You know why people call me Iceman?! Because I'm so cool!"

We stayed in a small fishing village on the east side of the island. Our cottage was fairly primitive, but we were out of the touristy section and had a beautiful view right out our front door! We loved it in Bathsheba!

This Island is Paradise on Earth! Need I Say More?


Dominoes is an extremely popular game with the locals.  You could find them playing at almost anytime of the day! Slamming your piece down extra hard on the wooden board seemed to be an essential part of the game. It gave a satisfying hollow thud with every person's move.


These guys wanted their picture taken holding up the legendary Mount Gay Rum.

Stunning Views 

We met this gentleman at the Friday night Oistin's Fish Fry. He came over to talk and insisted on sharing a large helping of his peanuts with us!

These past three years have been the best of my life! Praising God for my incredible husband and best friend! I don't know where I'd be without him!

I LOVE my life because it gave me YOU. I love you because you are my LIFE.

It's simply mesmerizing to watch such a small creature battle its way into the pounding surf! To think that something so small can grow into such a giant and live for a century! I love sea turtles!


Good-bye beautiful Barbados! What a fantastic vacation!

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Destiny_Gods Girl_Mennonite
Destiny_Gods Girl_Mennonite
Jan 12, 2021

@mennonitemom... I love those photos it Looks so so so beautiful :)

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