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I MAY REGRET THIS: but I want to give it a try 😀

If you are a small business owner, I'm trying something new on my youtube channel. Here's the video to learn more!

Three reasons I think this is a good idea.

1. Help Small Business Owners get exposure

2. An easier video to edit for my schedule

3. A fun video similar to 'haul' videos (which I don't do cuz I don't like shopping much)

Three reasons I may regret this:

1. I literally don't want more things (I'm already fighting clutter)

2. Managing the increase in mail

3. Getting too many repeat items (like homemade soap for instance). And needing to leave some mail out of video.

Disclaimer: As mentioned, this is not a guarantee your mail will get into the video, but I will do my best. Also, preferably no MLM companies.

P.O. Box 343 Newville, PA 17241


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