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I Shut My Eyes. (last Switzerland Vlog+series compilation)

Our Switzerland vlog series is final and thank you to everyone that gave us your feedback and seemed to really enjoy this series. I felt that 5 vlogs was a bit much to share about one family getaway, but I'm honored you enjoyed! We love these little video diaries for our family's memories, and we were glad to bring you along!

I've included videos of the entire series below.

VLOG 1. We try to get used to packing ever so much more since traveling with two children, stress a bit flying with a four month old, and take on the long trek to Switzerland, check in to our incredible Air B&B and then push sleep on the back burner as we try to fit in some sight seeing activities before the rain hits.

VLOG 2. Many viewers said they could hardly watch this vlog for the thrill walk and other incredible heights we faced going up the Schilthorn. It was spectacular!

VLOG 3. A bit more sobering, digging into some of our Anabaptist roots and seeing one of the castles where they faces much persecution. But on a lighter note, we had fun seeing the history of Emmentaler Cheese and walked around a graveyard trying to find familiar Mennonite names.

VLOG 4. Xander dawned some 'armor' and turned into a little Knight at the Castle of Thun, and we got to ride another fun Alpine Slide!

VLOG 5. The one with all the thrills. If you can't stand heights, this one might not be for you, but you must see the Cow Parade that I could hardly believe we got to see while in Switzerland! They were bringing the cows down out of the mountains, adorned with flowers! I could have watched all day!


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