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I have been thinking a lot lately about being a mom and all that that entails. So much of our lives are filled trying to fill all the needs in our family, and so easily we can loose a bit of the fire within us when it comes to our own interests as it seems there is never time for the things we enjoy.

Do you have a dream or passion you wish to pursue, but you are loaded down with the endless responsibilities of parenting and running your home? I'm excited to share a video about how a hobby of mine ended up opening doors I never dreamed possible... and I share it simply to encourage my fellow moms that MOMS CAN DREAM, TOO! Sometimes it feels we never have time for anything but our children and some seasons of our life it may be impossible to have any extra hobbies or passions, but I do think when possible, it's key that we try to take some time for ourselves and our interests so that our identity doesn't get lost solely in our children. (I say identity loosely, as I know our identity is in Christ, but I speak of 'identity' as in personality and what makes you uniquely you!) When we can spend some time in our passions and interests, it refuels our tank so we can then better give back to our families.

God bless you as you serve your family, (and for all those that don't have a family or are past the busy child rearing years) you are included as well! (: See you next week!

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I am so looking forward to catching up on your videos! I save them until I have time to sit down and really enjoy them. Life is so busy, but I hope to catch up soon. May the Lord continually bless you and your family!

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