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Toddler's First Kayaking Experience

As much as our family loves to go camping, we didn't get out until the fall of this year. Where has the summer gone? However, we got to go at an incredibly beautiful time of year, and I so enjoyed spending time outdoors with my tribe! Still, there was one downside to camping in all the fall: all the gory Halloween decorations people set up at their campsites (which I very much despise).

What are your thoughts on Halloween? Is it just a silly 'spooky' holiday meant for fun and a thrill where children get to collect candy? or could it be a day where a lot of evil practices are taking place and we as Christians choose to not be aware of it?

I strongly encourage all my fellow believers out there that may be on the fence with Halloween. Research into it, and let's remember that Light and Darkness do not mix.

I know many people feel it's an innocent holiday, but I challenge that perspective.

Anyway! Enough of that small rant. To watch today's video, click below!


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