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When They are Sleeping...

You lie there sweetly sleeping, oblivious to the cell phone light illuminating your chubby little face. Your mother is leaning over the crib and soaking in the sight of the little boy she calls her son. Each night when you're lost in dreams, she stops by your crib before retiring to her own room, and often she finds herself lingering... unable to pull away from the miracle before her!

Little one, oh how you're loved! As you blissfully wander in your land of dreams, your mother is hovering nearby, watching every feathery breath, counting each dimpled finger, and marveling at the miracle God sent her way! There was a time that she couldn't imagine what life would be with you in her world, but now she can't imagine a life without you! 

Little one, oh how you're loved! And as you lie there sleeping, your mother watches... and prays for you as you're beginning this grand adventure called life. May you grow big and strong; a man like David, pursuing the heart of God!

Little one... oh how you are loved!

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@the mennonite mom.... ❤❤❤❤🙏🙏😊😊😊❤

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