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We Left our Children and Hubbies Behind...

This past week has been absolutely crazy with an adventure that I cannot wait to share with you all! However, today I'll show an extra sneak peek just for those of you on my mailing list! Thanks for being here, it means so much!

P.S. No video today.

I have a new endeavor I'm working on to go along with the Youtube channel (I'm so so excited about it!) and I really wanted to share the story behind it with you all!

Nolan wanted me to go.

He said that if we are going to go to the effort of getting baby sitters, he would rather make it worth it and not go when work is involved. He offered to stay back with the children and told me to go get the story!

So I tapped on Raquel's shoulder and she agreed to come as my side kick for a flying trip out of the country!

I can't wait to share our adventure with you all on Youtube, but let's say there were some unexpected twists and turns! But here are a few pictures that may give you a hint as what may be coming down the line. I will keep you guessing!!!

In order to be away from our children as little as possible, we left in the evening and caught a red-eye flight to our destination. Yes, it was exhausting!

(and since I still have a baby at home (i.e. breast feeding)... I was quite thrilled to find this handy, dandy, little private pod made for mama's like me)

Brilliant and so convenient!

About 12 hours into our trip we hit a few unexpected bumps which I will share later. I was sure the whole expedition would fall on it's face... but God heard my desperate prayers and things turned around enough to keep going!

The 1st day was all work and travel. Absolutely breath taking scenery that I will never forget. Here are a few sneak peeks, but once again, pictures do not do it justice!

These lovely people were so hospitable and a pleasure to be with!

I didn't have nearly enough time here to get all the photos and videos I wanted, but... you have to roll with the punches life throws at you. I was at least grateful it all worked out and I could make it!


With our business day behind us, we still had about a 4.5 hour drive to our next destination. (from the mountains to the beach). I think the only way I convinced Raquel (who is PG) to come along and put up with such awful travel times was by promising one relaxing catch up day at the beach.

So with nonstop travel, hardly any sleep, and a day of 'work' behind us, we were finally enroute to the relaxing part of the trip. (only 4.5 hours and 1 throw up car sick later... LOL)

I'm not a huge fan of resorts, but it was perfect since we just wanted a stress free, relaxing day to catch up on some much needed rest.

It rained all afternoon, which felt amazing...

I missed Nolan and the children so much, even for such a short getaway. I couldn't wait to get back home and see them again!

Meanwhile, back home... LOL

A fast yet enjoyable trip! Can't wait to share the details with you all!

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29 apr 2023

can wait to hear more. Just happy that you and yours have returned to Youtube respect the truth that you needed rest and direction. Glad that God has allow you continue telling your family's story. It is very inspiring. I knew we were sister of the heart when you shared you ugly cocs (on the laundry day). blessing Debra

Mi piace

28 apr 2023

Wow! can't wait to see your video and what the new sponsor is...

Mi piace

MJ Good
MJ Good
28 apr 2023

Hmm, coffee plants... You're so brave! Can't wait to hear all about it.. 😊

Mi piace

28 apr 2023

Excited to hear all about it! That beach looked soo relaxing... I know gals are happy to be home with your fam and them maybe a bit So glad you had safe travels.

Mi piace

28 apr 2023

Love the picture of the folks back home ☺️. I have no idea what your trip was about, cant wait to find out!

Mi piace
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