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Welcome, Little One!

Finally, on March 13, 2017, we got to meet the little fellow that had been making his presence known for the past 9 months! Xander Cole took his sweet time in getting here, leaving his parents rather distraught and sadly, somewhat irritable those last and long days of waiting! But as everyone told us, pregnancy won't last forever, (which we were beginning to question), and it turned out to be true! Ten days past his expected arrival, Xander showed up... fashionably late and quite calm about it. We immediately fell in love with him!

8 lbs 3 oz. of pure, heavenly blessing!

Getting ready for baby had been fun and lots of work! Nolan was amazing, and did some major remodeling to add some cabinets that he built into our hallway wall.  

Trying to save money, I redid a lot of the nursery furniture and sewed my curtains and crib set! By the time I was finished, I had seen enough of paint and sewing machines for awhile! But it was still a lot of fun and quite rewarding!

   My mom gave me the changing table that had been mine as a baby! So I refinished it to match the nursery! 

Before & After     (including Nolan's amazing work on the cabinets)

Before & After   (the crib I found on craigslist and refinished)

Before & After (end stand I scrounged up at a thrift store)

The Nursery... all ready for Baby!

Pinterest is a great place for ideas... such as the Baby Dreaming sign I was able to make with a shutter I found at one of Dad's farms.


The last weeks of pregnancy seemed to never end! We were anxious to meet our little one and move on with life! I had to continuously come up with new projects to keep myself busy so I wouldn't go bananas with the waiting!


At last! March 13, 2017, we got to meet baby Xander! Who knew you could love a little person so much?! Nolan was smitten with our little man, and as I watched him hold Xander for hours and talk to him non-stop, I fell even more in love with that handsome husband of mine! God is so good!


Labor hadn't been the best, and when my sister messaged me that she was coming for the first night to take care of Xander so Nolan and I could sleep, I almost cried! She came breezing through the door, laden with good food and even equipped with pills to help me relax and sleep! Her experienced presence gave me security in having help with my new little baby that I was so worried about! She was heaven sent!

The first week home with Baby Xander was so special! Nolan had off of work, so we just relaxed around the house, held the baby, and recuperated! My husband spoiled me rotten; doing the house work, making me special drinks, and even changing diapers! Xander also took bottles well, so Nolan gave me a few nights of much needed rest! I have no idea how I got such an incredible man as my husband! I'm so proud to have him as my son's Dad!

Xander got so much attention!

For all the things my hands have held the best by far is you

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