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I used to dislike Anabaptist history.

Maybe this is a sign of growing up, but the history about our forefathers that I used to dislike, I now greatly enjoy.

Maybe it had to do with the years when I sat in a school desk and looked at pictures taken from the Martyrs Mirror that were rather grotesque... (the almost inhuman looking images that the artists of that era created) and it all would give me a creepy feeling that I couldn't quite shake for the rest of the day.

Maybe it was how it instilled a fear in my young heart every time I heard the word 'persecution' that I identified it with the torture methods of the middle ages, and those weird images would always come flooding to my mind. Either way, I tended to dislike Anabaptist history because the people in the stories seemed almost other worldly.

However as I've gotten older, I've begun to appreciate history and digging into our faith's roots. I find it fascinating, and with leaving my childhood came the realization that these people were actually normal people just like us, not some weird distorted looking individuals I had seen in ancient depictions. (I'm simply speaking of my child's perspective).

And so when we went to Switzerland, I was looking forward to getting to some of the historical places of our forefathers. Time did not allow us to do nearly everything I had wished for, (there is so so much history there) but we were able to get in a smidge which I cover in today's video.

I hope you enjoy, thanks for coming along!

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Sara Schmucker
Sara Schmucker
Oct 29, 2022

That's exactly how I felt as a child. It was almost overwhelming to think of the persecution so I just didn't want to think about it.

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