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My 10 Most Used, NATURAL Cleaning Items!

I do my best to limit chemicals in my home, and often chemicals are mostly found in the cleaners we use. Here is my list of the staples that I use for my cleaning needs.

1. Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Once I switched to quality microfiber cloths, I never looked back and can hardly stand using traditional cotton cloths. No, I'm not talking about those awful, cheap microfiber cloths that stick to your hands and make you go bananas! I'm talking about a microfiber that doesn't stick to your hands and it cleans incredibly well!

Microfiber cleans 99% of germs on it's own with only water! No need for chemicals! This is how I clean the majority of my house (excepting some bathroom areas and hard to clean spots). The microfiber latches on to the dirt and pulls it into the cloth! I've even gotten stains out of carpet using only microfiber and water! Yay!

I started with a company called Norwex, and love the quality of their products, but they are expensive! $17 per cloth isn't cheap!

However, there is a company called Ecloth, that has a cloth very similar to Norwex for a fraction of the cost, and you get a 4 regular cloths plus a window polishing cloth, all for simply $21.99! Buy Norwex here, or ecloth here.

2. Window Cloth Set

Once again, when it comes to washing windows and mirrors, microfiber changed my life! No more chemical sprays, no more streaks, no more hassle! All I needed was two cloths and some water!

You simply make the microfiber cloth wet and wash the window and then come along behind and dry with the window polishing cloth. It's so easy, and you can even spot wash fingerprints without needing to wash the entire window. No streaks! This is an all time favorite of mine!

The Norwex window set is still my favorite and feels much better quality then ecloth window set.

However, when I tested Ecloth window cloth, it seemed to do the job just as well, and it's half the price as the Norwex window set.

TIP: I like to keep a set under my bathroom sink so I can quickly clean mirrors and polish the counter top!

Use these handy hooks inside cabinet door

3. Cleaning Paste

I love this natural paste for my stove top. Scrub the top and then wash with microfiber cloth. SHINY, SHINY!

Yes, so many of my products are Norwex, but I got started on them, and just love them! (no, I'm not a consultant anymore).

4. Mrs. Meyers Multi Purpose Cleaner

While I clean a lot with water and vinegar, it's nice to have a natural, good smelling cleaner around, and currently my preference is Mrs. Meyer's Lavender Multi Purpose Cleaner.

5. Dusting Mitt

We are talking about microfiber again! Using microfiber to dust creates a static charge and helps draw up the dust into the mitt. You can also use a water bottle with simply water or, I like to add a bit of Murphy's Oil to my water and spray onto the mitt.

The Ecloth Dusting Glove has fingers which makes it nice to dust blinds etc.

6. Docapole Dusting Set

I love having these extra handy tools around! Docapole is a quality product and the pole that comes with the set is extremely long when extended! So if you have cathedral ceilings, this has you covered!

A round bristle brush to use in all the corners of your house to get spider webs and such. A feather duster that makes it handy to dust around objects, and lastly, a microfiber wand that bends and works incredibly well on ceiling fans and to clean in cracks and crevices that otherwise are impossible! (check out my video)

7. Robotic Vacuum

Who doesn't love less work? I love my little robot sweeper that helps keep my house clean! Not only does it sweep (and does an incredible job!), but it also wet mops! How cool is that?!

8. Degreaser for sofa's (or whatever)

This inexpensive bottle of Citrasolve concentrate works well for those tough spots and also for cleaning up your sofa!

It has 4.5 star reviews on Amazon and you only mix a small amount with water, so it lasts a long time! Check out this glass spray water bottle which works well for your degreasing mixture!

9. Wet Mop

In case you haven't guessed, by now, I LOVE MICROFIBER! I even have a microfiber mop!

Simply rinse your mop pad in plain water (or maybe water with vinegar) and scrub away! It's a lovely tool to have in your home!

I own the Norwex Mop and have used it for years! A much less expensive ecloth mop I have linked below.

I have never personally used the ecloth mop, so I can't tell you for sure what the quality is, but based on Amazon reviews, it has a 4 star rating!

10. Miele Sweeper

Yes, I am mentioning a sweeper, but not just any sweeper!

Being more health minded, I worry about the chemicals and toxins found in carpet. Most sweeper simply stir up these toxins and make the air around us worse than before we started sweeping.

However, the Miele Twist has special bags and filters that keep the dust contained so it isn't stirring chemicals into the air.

Youtube has videos where people have tested the air quality with Miele vs other sweepers. Very interesting!

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Happy Cleaning!

4 commentaires

the Mennonite Mom
the Mennonite Mom
21 mars 2020

@Janelle I actually still use regular cleaner. I know it's super unhealthy, but I like cleaning my toilet with something powerful. The ecloths do not have silver


the Mennonite Mom
the Mennonite Mom
21 mars 2020

@julieriddell, I hope you like the cloths! I just love microfiber! Thanks so much!


Nolt Dean Janelle
Nolt Dean Janelle
21 mars 2020

Curious as to what you use for toilet cleaner? I have just been using white Vinegar and either lemon or orange essential oil it has been working very well. I find it hard to find clean products that don’t cost a lot. Do the e-cloths have silver in like the Norwex ones? I like to use Vinegar and essential oils and my Norwex rags seem to get build up if I do so I use a microfiber cloth.


20 mars 2020

I had watched your video on this and bought the cloths you recommended and I love them! I agree Norwex was expensive. I bought Norwex from girls at church and it was nice but these are just as nice so I will look at some of the other stuff too. Not that I can do much cleaning but I still do wipe and swiping lol. I owe you an email....coming soon to an email box near you!

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