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Our Little Miracle is Here!

Yes, posting this a bit late... but a busy Mama get's to posting when she gets to posting! As most of you probably already know, Lexi Skye arrived bright eyed and well... telling the world in no uncertain terms that she may be small, but her voice is mighty!

May 10, 2022 was such a happy day for us, and we documented it in the following video... including Xander's precious reaction to meeting his Baby Sister for the first time!

I also documented a week"ish" in the life of a newborn, and in the video we did a newborn photo shoot which was amazing! A friend of mine so kindly agreed to do a session for me, even though she has quit her photography for the present, and I couldn't be happier with the photos!

If you are questioning whether or not it is worth the money to do a newborn photo session (or really, any family photo session)... let me assure you it is worth every. single. penny.!

The memories are priceless and you get to keep them forever! Just do it! (: I'm so in love with these photos of Lexi...

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