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Why I Travelled 450 Miles to Stare at the Sun.

I was questioning my sanity when I decided VERY last minute to make an 8 hour drive North to watch the Total Solar Eclipse. Would it be worth driving that far through crazy traffic, alone with our two children, just to see 3.5 minutes of totality? I decided to take the chance and find out.

I LOVE this bike as a mom of littles.


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20 avr.

Hey Jannine,

I just watched your video about the solar eclipse. We had one in Germany in 1999 and I also watched it outside. Since I found a word of our heavenly Father about this occurrence I am very careful with that. I would likt to share this word with you here.

Blessings to your and your family from Germany


Given from the Lord Jesus Christ to Jakob Lorber - Gifts from Heaven

241. Behavior advice during solar eclipse

7th July 1842, morning

[1] Here you have a small precautionary measure regarding tomorrow's eclipse of the sun with regard to the health of the body! [2] If you were to consult history, since the events in the firmament a…

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