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Bringing Jesus into the Everyday

Beings that I was so focused on getting Mama Java up and going for the past months, a lot of other little things fell through the cracks. Example: fresh home made bread.

So in this video, I pulled my trusty Nutrimill off of the shelf, dusted off my bread pans 😃 and with great enthusiasm we tackled bread making. That is, until my loaves turned into sad excuses for bread. 😥 Needless to say, we tried round two and that was the batch that took the air right out of my enthusiasm.

Any bread making advice? I would love to hear it! (my mom does plan to come over and give me some advice as well. I have made beautiful loaves before... but this was not the day!)

However, while my bread was 'baking', I wanted to chat with you all about little ways I focus on bringing Jesus into the everyday. I hope you find a nugget of inspiration for your day. God bless!


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