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Can We Shut Out the Noise?

Do you get tired of all the noise, the endless voices, the fast-paced life that so many of tend to live? Join me on my front porch and let's chat! Let me know in the comments what you are doing to pursue slower living.


Aug 09, 2023

I appreciate you sharing your heart. I just watched an old video of yours called “What is Freedom” and I love your Godly perspective. You are so relatable and can explain things very clearly. 😊

You and your family are precious 💕


Aug 04, 2023

This was so good, Jeanine! As I learn to slow down and savor moments instead of rushing into the next great thing, I am rediscovering who I really am. I really thrive on silence and solitude and I didn’t even know that before because I was so busy! Many blessings on your journey toward balance. 😘

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