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LIFE UPDATE (will we continue Youtube?)

Hey hey my friends! First off, thank you for coming on over to my website and signing up for our mailing list, and secondly, a HUGE THANK YOU to each and everyone of you that have sent emails, messages, DM's, and left comments on Youtube saying you are praying for us that God gives us direction and peace as we try and understand what is the correct way to move forward regarding youtube. Much of the advice received had a similar thread which we greatly took to heart. I truly believe God used you all to help nudge us in what we believe is the right direction moving forward (I will likely talk more about that sometime) but I simply want to thank each of you for taking the time to reach out and share what was on your hearts. I'm still working at getting through all my emails and messages, so bear with me if I haven't replied to yours yet. -I'm embracing slow living on my weeks of down time- (:

ANYWAY!!! Enough rambling. I threw together a quick little video update with the kiddos just for those of you subscribed to my mailing list. The video is on youtube but not public, however, you can still comment on it if you wish! Thanks again for your support and hopefully, we will be back before too long... Lord willing.

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