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Mama Java Launch: How Did it Go? +Porch Makeover Video

As promised, I wanted to share with you all how the launch went for Mama Java! Let's just say, you all completely blew me away with your incredible support!

But first, here is this week's video (and I also talk about the launch at the end of the video in case you're interested). We do a fun porch transformation, take the kids to the zoo, and I bring you along as I make a Sunday evening snack.

So, back to Mama Java!

To say I was nervous launching this brand, is an understatement! When you invest so much time and resources into something, especially something you grow to become quite passionate about, it's amazing how it suddenly becomes almost like your baby.😂 (weird analogy, but that's the word that came to mind).

When launch day came, I felt so vulnerable.
What if people didn't catch the vision of a Mama community behind a coffee brand?
What if Lifewater wasted a lot of time and resources on my brand and I had nothing to repay them with?
What if, what if, what if.

But one simple truth in the Christian life (yet one that can be so difficult to do) is that there is so much peace when we let go, and let God. Trust in Him to do whatever He wills. So I rested in that, and surrendered it to God because I know He cares about these things in our lives as well. I decided if nothing worked out, it would still have taught me so much and I would do my best to rest in the fact that it was not meant to be.

So, on Tuesday, July 11, I set my expectations low and hit the "send now" button to my email subscriber list to share the launch of Mama Java.

I tried to busy myself and not become obsessed with checking the computer... but much to my delight within the first 20 minutes or so I had a few orders. And as the day progressed, I kept staring at my computer with complete shock and awe as you all came out in support! (and of course kept calling Nolan all day while he was trying to work!)

The emails, the feedback, the excitement you shared blew me away and many times I could feel tears of joy threatening to brim up. Your support meant so much more to me then any numbers or analytics. However, I still want to share that with you, because it's you all that made this possible for us!

From the day that we did the pre-launch to our mailing list, to the following Tuesday, a week later... we sold over 600 bags of coffee!!!! These may not seem like large numbers in the grand scope of what large brands sell and donate, however... for our little business, it is HUGE!

So in terms of Lifewater, you all created this impact! It wasn't us. We are just the in between people. Thank you for supporting Mama Java! It means so, so much.

I love to think of the dollars in numbers of people it can possibly impact. It takes approximately $60 to bring safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and the love of Christ to one person. So in our first week, you all were able to raise enough money through Mama Java Coffee to help 10 lives! (and it's still counting upward).

I want to thank you so much! And if you haven't already, you can subscribe over at Mama Java so when we post blogs and updates it will alert you. We plan to do monthly reports on the amount of money raised to donate to Lifewater. Not to say "look at us" but to say "look at you and what community can do."

Thank you. And you can follow us on Instagram if you want to keep up with the posts and shares there!


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