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Pros & Cons of Missionary Life - a chat with Sarah Alimowski.

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet up with Sarah Alimowski; a lovely lady who is a true inspiration and blessing to me. Growing up in a very mission oriented family has given Sarah a unique perspective on life and she shares some of her thoughts and admonition on the topic with us. We had a great time chatting about missions, children, family travel, and more... I hope you enjoy sitting with us as we chat about life!

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Apr 08, 2023

I loved this conversation! I grew up traveling all over the US with my family. As a single I was able to visit several different countries and my dreams of visiting India on short term mission trips came true. I even met my husband in India even though we grew up 2 hours apart in Ohio! Since the Lord has blessed us with 5 children it’s been more difficult to travel and I also see the importance of putting down roots and being ok with a slower lifestyle. The thoughts about connecting with your children‘s hearts were so good! As an extrovert I can easily become frustrated with my introverted husband and some of the children who are natured like…

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