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SIMPLE CHRISTMAS IDEAS: Decorations, Gifts, Traditions

Christmas is a beautiful time of year, but it doesn't need to be a stressful one. Let's keep it simple with our decorations, practical with our gifts, and create fun traditions for our families! Here is a peak into our Christmas season, and I share some of my perspective, gift ideas, and family traditions. Cheers!

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Wooden Advent Calendar:

Battery Window Candles:

The Christmas Star Set:

👉🏻 Books

The Memory Making Mom:

Hard is not the Same As Bad:


Beautiful Word Bible:

Awe of God:

⭐️ Sew Unique:

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✳️ Other Gifts Play Kitchen:

Wooden Vegetables:

Wooden Toaster Set:

Studio 331:

Mama Java:

Goot Essa:

☕️ My Breville Espresso Machine:

Lectric Ebikes:

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I like the crockpot recipe video! I did my own version of the bacon chicken one and it was a hit! But there is something that concerns me... you seem to choose a healthy lifestyle for your family which is great but... if you are living a healthier lifestyle why ever would you buy your meat at Aldis??? Why dont you support your local farmers instead of Aldis??

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