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Winter on the Oregon Coast - A Family Travel Vlog

Are you someone that loses sleep because you're anxious about a travel day coming up? As much as I love to travel, I was seriously dreading our travel days to and from Portland, Oregon.

Lexi is one year old (will be two in May) and she is one seriously active child. She is busy from the moment she wakes up till it's time to go to bed. Not only is she a busy child, but she also never really enjoyed snuggling on my lap, or anyone's for that matter. Hugs? Too restricting. Kisses? They better be a quick peck because there are more important things to see and do than be affectionate. (this has started to change more recently where she does enjoy some snuggle time, but it's slower in coming). And last of all, she basically will only fall asleep in her crib, (most definitely NOT in my lap).

So you can imagine the scenarios that were racing through my mind as I was looking ahead to sitting in a tight airplane seat with my independent, energetic one year old. Did I mention it would be 7 to 8 hours of flying time alone? Yes, I was losing some sleep over it.

All things considered, she did do well for all the traveling we did... but there were melt downs and even with our trusty Melatonin in hand, she only took two small catnaps. From the time she woke up in the morning, till we got to our house in Portland, it was about a 19 hour day.

But we had a great time catching up with Nolan's family for a few days in Lincoln City, and I did come away from the experience feeling more confident in the fact that maybe I could travel with a busy toddler.

I made a video of glimpses into our trip. Thanks for coming along!


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